TC 2000


NERTA TC 2000 is een sterk alkalisch en geconcentreerd voorwasmiddel met multifunctionele toepassingen in de truckreiniging. Verwijdert snel dode insecten.

Foam Truck cleaning

Applied as foam, (at a 3%-5% dosage through the Nerta injector and foam lance) it is very economical in use due to its outstanding coverage and dwell time. Typically a truck can be cleaned using less than 1 litre of TC 2000.

This fast and easy to use, truck cleaner gives an excellent clean with much less physical effort required than with standard traffic film removers as no brushes are needed, so it is ideal to be used to wash larger fleets, high cube trailers or in commercial cleaners.

Any standard pressure washer can be connected to a Nerta foaming system.

Standard Pressure Washer Application

The chemical dosage rates of pressure washers vary considerably and they rarely deliver as low a dosage as Nerta systems. TC 2000 is highly concentrated so, for maximum economy and cleaning performance, you need to dilute TC 2000 to match your equipment. Testing small batches, start at 1 part TC2000 to 9 parts water and gradually increase up to 1 part TC 2000 to 3 parts water. Choose the lowest dilution that cleans well at a mid range chemical setting on your pressure washer.

TC 2000 will work well with cold water but gives a better result when using hot water up to 40 degrees.

Sprayer application

TC 2000 can also be applied using a pump sprayer at a 4% dilution. This method works well when washing small fleets or with less powerful pressure washers.

TC 2000 can also be used for MOT and chassis cleaning if applied at higher concentrations and with heat.

NERTA TC 2000 is a strong alkaline and highly concentrated washing agent. It can be used as both a prewash and wash in automated systems with brushes, fogging systems and spray arches or for manual use highly diluted through high pressure cleaners and with foam systems.
  • Easy to use
  • Brush-less cleaning
  • Highly concentrated
BESCHIKBAAR IN: 25L, 200L, 600L, 1000L

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