NERTA SKY WE64 is a highly concentrated car cleaner with advanced polishing components that work at a molecular level to leave a smooth long lasting gloss finish.

SKY WE64 is not corrosive and contains nano molecules that fill the tiny pores in paint lacquer, creating a highly glossy, dirt-repellent film. The tiny nano molecules also soak behind dead insects making them easier to remove during normal washing. Because of this, It can also be used as an insect remover if applied as a more concentrated spray.

When applied as foam at 3%-5% dosage, it is very economical in use due to its outstanding coverage and dwell time. This fast, easy to use, touchless cleaner gives an excellent cleaning result with much less physical effort required than with a standard shampoo and wax.

NERTA SKY WE64 is a light alkaline, concentrated washing agent with nano molecular polishing components. It can be used in automated systems with brushes or through high-pressure cleaners with foam systems.
  • Easy to rinse
  • Removes insects
  • Freshly perfumed
  • Creates a high gloss, dirt-repellent film
BESCHIKBAAR IN: 25L, 200L, 600L, 1000L

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